At Academic Research Experts, we work closely with researchers who want to publish their work as journals.

Most frequently, we assist recent graduates of doctoral programs seeking to take the next step in their academic careers. As a result, we offer support in two main forms:

  • Developing a publication plan
  • Manuscript revision.

Moreover, we quite often work with researchers who are conducting new research and can provide comprehensive support throughout the academic research process, including topic development, literature review assistance, methodological specification, data analysis, and interpretation.

Above all, We assist hundreds of researchers pursuing publication with their qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies each year. Academic Research Experts’ comprehensive consulting and editing services ensure academic researchers can confidently submit their work for publication.

Publication Plan

Many of our clients seek us out to help them develop a long-term plan to publish their doctoral research. Consequently, they establish their voices in current scholarship. While most newly-minted PhDs are well aware of the main journals within their discipline, it can still be challenging to develop a concrete plan to begin to publish and target the publications best suited for your work.

With many years of experience in providing academic research consulting, we can help you prepare a clear set of goals and target journals to help you begin publishing your work. Our process to develop your publication plan consists of three steps:

  • In-depth analysis of your dissertation: Here, we’ll first identify threads that run through the different parts of your dissertation.
  • Identification of sources: Here, we’ll take the many cohesive “wholes” that we compose through the analysis of your dissertation and use them to survey and develop a list of sources where your work may be able to be published.
  • Rhetorical analysis of exemplar articles:  Lastly, we examine the archives of each publication to identify articles that resemble yours.

After presenting you with our findings, we then consult with you to determine how you’d like to proceed.

Manuscript Revision

For clients with a publication plan or target journal already in mind, we can assist with shaping your dissertation into an actual manuscript for submission.  We do this by offering the following:

  1. Identifying journal aims
  2. Revising for specific journal criteria:
  3. Highlighting key sections of the journal research
  4. Emphasizing current and relevant scholarship

Good to Go!

Given our team approach and expertise, we’re able to offer very affordable fees to work with your budget at each step of the process. Moreover, we stand by our work – and should your work be accepted with additional questions, we will be there to help you answer them and get your research approved for publication.



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