Our area of specialization in data analysis ranges from qualitatve and quantitative analysis,mixed method designs and power analysis.

The key data analysis softwares we use are SPSS, SAS,Atlas TI and NVivo. As a result we offer well analysed and summurized reports giving a detailed findings.

Statistical Analysis

With the highly experienced staffs in statistics, we offer univariate and repeated measures ANOVA, MANCOVA, path analysis, SEM,cluster analysis and regression.

Academic Research Experts provides the following quantitative data analysis services:

  • Evaluation and revision of your data analysis approach.
  • Construction of an appropriate data analysis plan. We can determine which statistical approach best addresses your research questions. If you have already identified a specific statistical analysis technique, we will provide information about that specific statistical technique to help you prepare for your defense.
  • Database design services such as database construction and data entry services. We also troubleshoot and clean SPSS and Microsoft Excel dissertation database problems as well as  creating customized database with the latest versions of SPSS and Microsoft Excel.

We also offer services such as:-

  • Data analysis and interpreting your findings.
  •  Questionnaire creation and data collection.
  • Training and consultancy services in areas like academic research writing.

Statistics Tutoring

Academic Research Experts provides statistics tutoring for students in all disciplines such as database setup and data analysis techniques  using Excel or SPSS. If you are having difficulty understanding statistics such as ANOVA, MANCOVA, correlation, path analysis, or multiple regression, our consultants and can provide immediate tutoring and assistance. We will tutor you and help you complete assignments for your statistics courses and meet your goals.Other area of tutoring includes:-

  • Analyzing of any type of qualitative data (e.g. structured/semi-structured interviews, 1-on-1 interviews, focus groups, meetings, documents, etc.)
  • Determining sample size & scope of research.
  • Preparing focus groups/interviews
  • Transcribing interview data.
  • Properly structuring the analysis section.
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