The topic development stage is a tremendously exciting moment in the research process. Here at Academic Research Experts, our dissertation consultants have developed a unique and comprehensive approach to supporting our clients as they finalize their topic and methodological approach.

Whether you have a clear idea in mind or don’t know where to start, as your dissertation coach we can help you find a topic that you’ll be excited to pursue.

When developing a topic, you’ll probably go through several drafts before you find the best topic for your paper–one that is the appropriate scope and research area. At Academic Research Experts,  we guide you on how to choose a topic. Above all, we guide you on how to narrow or broaden it.

Your research topic needs to be clear, contemporary, and compelling. As a result, you need to present in your thesis writing a focused and specific topic that has current relevance in your field. Moreover, your topic should be one that has yet to be addressed in the existing research.

Narrowing a topic

If your topic meets the “3 C” criteria, you then need to begin to think about how to design your study to answer the questions that will drive your study. These questions include:

1. What? Are there different aspects or sides to the topic?  Why is it an important question?

2. Who? Which groups are affected by the topic area in question? Who is involved in the discussion?

3. When? Is this topic a contemporary concern, a question that affects people today?

4. Where?  Does it affect one area more than another, or is it universal?

The above questions are very important when narrowing a topic that your  supervisor has told you that needs to be more narrow or specific

What of Broading the topic?

If your topic is indeed too narrow, we will teach you different approaches to broaden it. One technique is to explore another aspect of the topic. For example, if you’re looking at incidents of racial discrimination in one town, we will show you how to broaden the scope to encompass similar cities or even cover an entire state. Moreover, we will teach you how find synonyms for the keywords you are already using in your research.

At Academic Research Experts, we are also familiar with many of the major online universities’ specific requirements for prospectus and concept paper presentations of proposed topics. Thus, you can rest assured that we can help you develop a firm foundation for the full study to come!

As a final step, we’re able to provide full support as you complete the remainder of your full initial deliverable–whether that’s a concept paper, a prospectus, or your introduction to the full dissertation.




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