We do data collection for academic research purposes. Data is very important for your research to be successful. The way you gather the data and the sources you go for are what going to lead you to the right path or either the wrong path in your research. Furthermore, data collection is important because you wouldn’t have results without first collecting data.

At Academic Research Experts, we have a team of consultants who have experience in gathering and collection of data. Moreover, they are familiar with the two major sources of data: primary sources and Secondary sources.

We can use secondary sources of data such as the internet, book, journals, and magazines. However, we know when you want to get the real picture of the study, primary sources of data are key.

Techniques  we employ to get data from primary sources:
  • Interviews

Interviews help us to find qualitative data for your research. We will help you conduct them in person or over the phone. These interviews can be formal and structured or they can be informal. This will depend on the topic and the nature of your research. When we are using interviews for your research, we make sure the questions are clear. We also encourage people to speak their minds to guarantee the success of this method.

  • Questionnaires

We will help you formulate questionnaires to gather qualitative or quantitative information. We will help you come up with a scale to assign a numeric value to help understand your findings. Questionnaires can combine the two types of information you use while working on your project. The results are usually easy to understand and analyze.

  • Focus groups

A focus group is a group of people that have something in common so you can collect data and categorize it.  Consequently, we will guide you on how to use focus groups to analyze different behavioral patterns. As a result, they will help you much in science experiments or when you are studying psychology. We will make sure you keep accurate documents of how your focus group responds.

  • Case study/Pilot study

Case studies/pilot studies involve studying a single issue or phenomenon. We will guide you on how to use surveys, questionnaires, and interviews to assemble relevant qualitative and quantitative findings. As a result, your academic research will have all the necessary data to make it be unique.

So, at Academic Research Experts, we are your aide in academic research and data collection. So relax and be rest assured that everything is getting handled at the expert level.

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