Training Proposal Using Augmented Help

Deliverable 3 – Training Proposal on Retraining Using Augmented/Virtual Realty

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  1. Competency
    Analyze Technologies that enhance the human experience

    Student Success Criteria
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    You are the training manager for a large manufacturing company that is planning a large renovation during a two-week shutdown. All of the equipment in the assembly area is being replaced, which will take the full two weeks.

    As training manager, you are concerned about how you will train the workers in the assembly area as the new equipment will not be available until after the shutdown. By the end of the two-week renovation, the assembly employees must be trained and ready to begin work using the new equipment. Training Proposal Using Augmented Help

    The manufacturer for the new equipment has suggested augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) might be a good training solution. The plant manager asks that you prepare a training plan to be shared with employees during the next plant meeting providing them the virtual reality retraining information. Be sure to support your recommendations with credible resources. Using the assigned readings in this module is a good starting point. Research databases are listed in the Resources area below.
Training Proposal Using Augmented Help

  1. Instructions
    You are tasked with preparing a training plan proposal that will be distributed to leadership in the form of a PDF.
    The training plan proposal should introduce the AR/VR training including the format and scope. It should discuss the advantages and concerns related to using AR/VR for retraining needs.

    In Microsoft Word, create the training plan proposal and then save as a PDF. The training plan proposal should accomplish these objectives: Training Proposal Using Augmented Help
    • Introduce the training by name, purpose, scope, and format.
    • Examine how using AR/VR technology enhances the human experience during training and development.
    • Evaluate any concerns over using this AR/VR technology for retraining.
    • Compare this AR/VR retraining to a standard retraining process.
    • On an APA formatted reference page, cite supporting credible sources for your recommendations.
    • NOTE – Be sure the document displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

    • Business writing
    • How do I write and present a business proposal?
    • APA Guide
    • Articles research
    • Business Source Complete via EBSCO
    • Business via ProQuest

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