Film Paper English Assignment Help

Film Paper English Assignment

5-6 pages double spaced, using at least one scholarly source final paper due on Canvas by 4/19/2022

In the paper, you will focus on one course film to write about – any film from this list ( The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Night of the Hunter, Sherlock Jr., Singin’ in the Rain, Vertigo, Do the Right Thing, The Shining, Double Indemnity, Grizzly Man, Mashes of the Afternoon, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ) is an option. Your paper will present an argument on your chosen film that is supported by both an interpretation of this film and the use of at least one scholarly source through your own research.

Select one of the topics below: Film Paper English Assignment Help

-Present an argument that identifies a theme in the film and links this to its cinematic techniques: interpret key scenes to show the ways in which the film’s style conveys this narrative theme. How does the film’s style relate to its thematic concerns and its effect upon audiences?

-Begin by posing a question on something that is debatable, ambiguous, or open-ended in a film: construct an argument that addresses and resolves this crucial question on the film. Write your guiding question above the title; your paper’s argument will then answer it by analyzing the film.

-Develop an argument that explains how the film is informed by its social or historical context: how does it reflect its historical moment, whether the issues of its day or the cultural landscape of filmmaking? Discuss how this historical context contributes to our understanding of the film. Film Paper English Assignment Help

To conduct your research: search for scholarly journal articles in the Media History Digital Library to find historical sources on older films.

Film Paper English Assignment Help

Use reliable scholarly sources: journal articles (peer-reviewed essays, not book reviews), books, or historical documents. Do not use popular magazines, newspapers, or non-academic websites.

Articles and other materials that were provided in class do not count toward your sources.

*Please note* – websites, blogs, or popular online publications do not count as scholarly sources. Film Paper English Assignment Help

This essay should not simply summarize the film being discussed or the sources you have found: Prioritize your own argument and then use your academic research to support your claims. I would like you to use this paper as an opportunity to pursue your areas of interest. Use film terms from the textbook where appropriate in your paper.   Remember to give your essay a title that reflects your topic and argument on your chosen film.

Your essay should be at least 5 full pages, in Times New Roman 12-pt font and 1-inch margins

List all your sources in a separate works cited page (does not count toward page length)

For citation and formatting use MLA style.

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