Through the Eyes of a Child Assignment

Through the Eyes of a Child Assignment

It’s often said that the best way to know if you understand a topic is to try to teach someone, especially a child, what you know. Choose a topic covered in chapter 11 on The Arts from the ones listed below and write a children’s book about it. Your job is to explain the topic so that a child would be able to understand the basic concepts. Therefore, your book must be engaging and easy to read (think 1st through 3rd grade reading levels). Use at least 10–12 pages to explain your topic. Remember that children’s books limit the amount of content that is on each page–so you’re shooting for quality of explanations over quantity. If it’s been a little while since you’ve picked up a children’s book, the library is a good place to get some inspiration. Through the Eyes of a Child Assignment Help

Book Topics

• Fibonacci Sequence

• Golden Rectangle

• Golden Triangle

• Square Numbers

• Tessellations

• Reflections

• Regular Tilings

• Frequency in Sound

• Pitch

• Chords in music

• Octaves

Once you’ve chosen your topic, list at least 3 basic ideas you hope to convey in your book.




Through the Eyes of a Child Assignment Help

It’s time to write! Remember, you’ll need a good story line, illustrations to go along with the text, and a catchy title. You can draw your illustrations yourself, use a computer program, or clip pictures from magazines. Through the Eyes of a Child Assignment Help

Once you’ve created your book, have at least one child in the appropriate grade read it and give you some feedback. Ask each young reader to explain what the book was about. Make sure you record their response.

Name: Date:

Using the response(s) to your book as a benchmark, answer the following questions.

1. Did you do a good job of getting your idea across? Why or why not?

2. Was the reader able to grasp your idea? Explain.

3. What surprised you the most about the response(s)?

4. How could you change your book so that your concept is easier to understand?

5. Describe how well you discovered that you knew the material yourself while writing your book. Did you have to do more research on the topic?

6. Is your understanding of the topic better after teaching it to someone else? Explain.

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