Teaching communication skills Assignment

Scenario: Teaching communication skills Assignment Instructions


You are a pre-K teacher for a 4-year-old student with ASD named John. John has difficulty asking for help when he needs something. Instead of asking for help using words, he grunts and waves his hands, and engages in challenging behaviors until he gets a response. As John’s teacher, you need to teach him to use words to ask for help, which should decrease his challenging behavior. Your job is to create a lesson plan to address John’s communication deficits. Teaching communication skills Assignment Help


Drawing on the lesson planning and delivery techniques discussed in the course text, create a lesson plan that could be used to teach John to ask for help. Be sure your lesson plan includes the five major components of a lesson plan, outlined in course readings. Teaching communication skills Assignment Help

Step 1: Identify the main components of the lesson including the goal and/or objective, specific information related to the conditions for responding, types of reinforcers and reinforcement schedule, mastery criteria and evaluation methods.

Step 2: Develop a formal lesson incorporating at least 1 specified presentation style outlined in the course text: Direct Instruction (DI), Discreet Trial Training (DTT), Milieu Teaching (MU), Grouping, or Embedded ABA Teaching Strategies. The formal lesson plan must include an opportunity for guided practice and independent practice. Opportunities for generalization and maintenance should be outlined. Teaching communication skills Assignment Help

Teaching communication skills Assignment Help

Step 3: Reflect upon the lesson planning process. The following considerations should be addressed within the reflection: rationale for the identification of selected target skill and presentation style(s), review of the lesson planning process including consideration of pre-requisite skills and next steps after lesson implementation, and the identification of possible challenges with implementation and how these potential challenges will be addressed prior to and during instruction.

The final assignment should:

· Be at least 3 pages, double spaced, including reflection but excluding title page and reference page.

· Follow all current APA formatting guidelines.

· Include at least three references and two biblical principles cited within the reflection.

· Acceptable references include the course text, online resources, and scholarly works no more than five years old.

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