special Housing units Assignment Help

special Housing units Assignment


Prisoners housed in the state prison located in Middle Town America have filed a lawsuit alleging that their living conditions violate the Eight Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  They have complied a list of several issues that together the prisoners allege are unconstitutional: unsanitary cellblocks that attract bugs, blankets that are too thin and do not provide enough warmth in during cold weather days, correctional officers who ignore their requests to be allowed to go to the unit’s infirmary when they are ill, correctional staff who use threats of violence when they ask for basic things like toilet tissue, toilets  Staff Sexual Abuse Commentary Assignment Help  that overflow on an almost daily basis, and dormitories that house an overflow of prisoners.  Based on Wilson v. Seiter, what do the prisoners have to prove in order to prevail?  1 page minimum, double-spaced. special Housing units Assignment Help

special Housing units Assignment Help


Inmate Jenkins has filed his 4th lawsuit against the warden at Starburst Prison where Jenkins is housed.  Jenkins complains in his 4th lawsuit that fresh fruit is never served in the inmate chow hall.  Does the PLRA impact his lawsuit?  Focus on the PLRA! Explain how specific sections of the PLRA impact Jenkins’ lawsuit.  One page minimum, double-spaced. Staff Sexual Abuse Commentary Assignment Help


The use of SHUs (special Housing units, aka administrative segregation, restrictive housing) is very controversial.  You read earlier about the classification of prisoners into SHU housing.  You are a correctional warden of a maximum security unit that houses offenders who have assaulted correctional staff and/or other inmates.  Make the argument that SHU housing is necessary.  Explain why.   Then make the argument that SHU housing should be eliminated or drastically restricted.  Argue BOTH sides!  Let me know in your answer that you listened to the Ear Hustle episode, watched the youtube video, and read the short articles under the reading requirements.  How do you let me know?  Mention the title of the article, podcast, and video and why they offer information that is relevant to your answer. 1 ½  page paragraph minimum.

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