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Small Business Management I Research Paper Guidelines

During Week 1 you will select a topic from the provided list. There will be no duplication of these topics.   You will then research and write a 4-page paper on that topic.

  • TOPIC: Building a Management Team

Do not just “list” items pertaining to your topic.  Include explanations, examples, etc.

Paper must be formatted according to APA formatting guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with APA formatting, the following link is extremely helpful: Small Business Management Research Paper Help

The landing page has good information on basic formatting. Follow the links to the left for more specific information. PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE AN ABSTRACT

Your paper should include a cover page, four-page report, and a reference page. Formatting the paper layout and bibliography are two of the most common areas students will get wrong. Please pay attention to the guidelines for both. Times New Roman, 12 font, double spaced with standard margins is the preferred layout for this paper.

Small Business Management Research Paper Help

You will need to include a minimum of 3 solid sources for your citations. Acceptable sources include medical journal articles, published research articles, peer reviewed journal articles. While things such as Wikipedia and WebMD do have information available, these are not acceptable for your three main citation articles. Small Business Management Research Paper Help

Your paper is due by the end of Week 7.  1O points will be deducted from the grade for each day the paper is late.  This is not an optional assignment. Students who fail to submit a paper will receive an incomplete in this course until one is submitted. Do not wait until the last minute to begin. If you need assistance on how to research, or general formatting question, I am happy to help – you just need to ask.

As stated in the syllabus, plagiarism is not tolerated. All research papers will be checked with a plagiarism checker prior to grading. Any and all material that is being cited from another source, must be notated with the APA style. If the paper is found to have excessive plagiarism, it will receive no credit.

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