Prison Jail and Standard Assignment Help

Prison Jail and Standard Assignment


Open the link for Implementation at the top of the homepage for the National PREA Information Center (#8 in the required reading list for this Module).  From there, open the link for Prison and Jail Standards.  Notice there are 12 “chapters,” each covering a specific area involving implementation of the PREA.   Congress created the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission to draft standards that correctional facilities must follow to implement the requirements of the PREA.  From the first 10 “chapters” that are found under the Prison and Jail Standards, chose one standard from three DIFFERENT chapters that you found most interesting/confusing/controversial and explain in your words: the standard and why you chose to write about it.  To clarify: you only have to discuss THREE standards total, but each of those THREE must come from a different chapter.

Some of the standards are complicated with multiple parts.  Summarize the most important requirements of the three standards you selected.

Be careful not to be too brief in your answer.  Show me that you did not wait until the last minute to do the assignment!! Prison Jail and Standard Assignment Help


Describe in your own words what CRIPA allows the Attorney General to and how that office goes about its work.  2 paragraph minimum of your own words!!! (no plagiarism – do not “copy” the website and no quotes).

Prison Jail and Standard Assignment Help


The majority of Section IV of the investigation report about the Lowell Correctional Center describes evidence of the specific acts of sexual abuse, the failure to implement systems to deal with such abuse, and the authorities at the prison who knew about but disregarded the abuse.  Make sure you read about (or skim) the evidence provided in those pages of the report.  The evidence is shocking! Prison Jail and Standard Assignment Help

Question 2 focuses on Section IV. A.1. “Staff Sexual Abuse of Lowell Prisoners Violates Prisoners’ Constitutional Rights” (pp, 4 -8).  In your own words (that includes no quotes) explain how the report concludes that the sexual abuse at Lowell constituted a violation not just of the Prison Rape Elimination Act but also of the Eighth Amendment.  Do not be brief!  DIG IN.

Notice that it is not sufficient to conclude simply that shocking facts automatically = constitutional violations.  Legal analysis applies legal doctrines and previous decisions that have interpreted the Eighth Amendment to reach the conclusion that shocking facts amount to violations of the Eighth Amendment.  Question 6 asks you to follow the steps of that analysis. 1 page minimum.

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