Cultural Differences Discussion Assignment

Cultural Differences Discussion Assignment


This week you were introduced to the four dimensions of international social work: advocating for domestic policy that supports international social justice, developing international arrangements and structures to encourage professional exchange. practicing internationally, and supporting positive policy development and advocacy in pursuit of global justice. In thinking about this framework, I want you to:

1. Identify an issue of international significance that interests you. Provide us a little background about the issue and why you decided to highlight it.

2. For this issue, briefly discuss what domestic policy you would support that you believe leads to a socially just outcome. Be sure to provide supporting evidence as to why you believe this outcome is just.

3. What international organization(s) (social work or otherwise) would you propose partnering with to help push your recommended policy? Tell us a little about the organization and why you chose it. What role would the organization play as part of your professional exchange?

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Week 13: Cultural Differences in an Organizational Context-Part 2


· Examine the four cultural differences characterizing various parts of the globe.

· Recognize and communicate understanding of the importance of difference in shaping life experiences at the global level.

· Assess values concerning these differences in preparation for managing these personal values and allowing “professional values to guide practice.”


1. Review the content in the text on social work values and cross-cultural values from a global perspective (Chapter 13).

2. Review the handout “Cultural Differences in an Organizational Context-part 1”.

3. In no less than three sentences per question, address the following questions below based on what you have read.

Question 1: Of the four cultural differences described in part 1, which of the attributes would you use to describe yourself on each of the four cultural dimensions? Please explain your selection for each one.

Question 2: To what extent do you think you would find it difficult to work with people holding different views and cultural values than your own? Explain?

Question 3: What might you do to improve your ability to accept and appreciate the values of others, and work effectively with clients who hold values different from and/or opposite to your own? APA Style

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