Religion Presentation Assignment Help

Religion Presentation Assignment Help

I have selected the Hinduism Religion. I have selected to do the PPT. so do the PPT. I need 8-10 slides of PPT excluding cover page and references. For each slide I add the notes too.

Presentation: This presentation will include a class presentation on a religion of your choice. It may consist of either a typed paper or a slide presentation.

· If you choose to submit a paper, it is to be no more than eight (8) pages in length.

Hinduism Religion Presentation Assignment Help

· If you choose to submit a slide presentation, please ensure your slide presentation is complete. I do not give a number of slides as some students can achieve completeness within 6 slides, while some students need more slides.

· With either choice, paper or slide presentation, I need a works cited page.

· Ensure that all points are addressed clearly.

· You may use the internet for this project, please cite your sources.

· I am interested in your addressing the topics of:

· Does the religion have a God? What/How do they address and worship this God?

Religion Presentation Assignment Help

Hinduism Religion Presentation Assignment Help

· What would, “a day in the life” of the religion look like?

· Does the religion have any sacred texts? What are they and how were they developed?

· Are there any special days/weeks/months that are celebrated and important to the religion? If so, what are they and why are they important? APA style

Do not limit yourself to these topics. Allow your creativity to take charge and be as creative as you can. This project is intended to be fun and shared with the rest of the class. However, understand that I am grading on substance and not creativity. These presentations and papers will be shared with your classmates. My advice is to begin working on this soon.

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