Leadership Strengths Assignment Help

Leadership Strengths Assignment Help

  • Identify your leadership strengths. Use your SLPI to help you with this.  Be specific.  Your responses should be different from your original SLPI because you have improved, or because you are more aware of your leadership strengths.
  • How have you grown as a leader this semester? Be specific.
  • What is your personal leadership philosophy?
  • Have you revised it since you submitted it earlier in the semester? If so, how?  If not, why?   Leadership Strengths & Philosophy Assignment Help Remember, this should be a personal statement, rather than a general statement about leadership by reflecting your experiences, values, and passions.
  • Who should you share your personal leadership philosophy with that will make you a more effective and trusted leader?
Leadership Strengths Assignment Help

Part three: expanding your leadership capacity action plan (15 pts)

You already have the capacity to lead. There is leadership potential in everyone.

  • Identify three aspects of your leadership in which you would like to become better. This may be  Leadership Strengths & Philosophy Assignment Help something you now do well and would like to further strengthen or an area you feel is important to improve.  How does this fit into the Kouzes and Posner 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership framework?
  • Develop an Action Plan by identifying specific actions that you want to hone to expand your capacity to lead. This could be by improving weaknesses or by leveraging strengths. Set a time frame for getting the step completed. Some of the Action Steps may involve improving a skill, building on a strength, or improving in an area you are not as strong. Place a P if the action step should be a top priority for you. APA Style 
  • Leadership Strengths & Philosophy Assignment Help

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