Islamic Art works Analysis Assignment Help

Islamic Art works Analysis Assignment
For your second assignment, you will again analyze two examples of Islamic art. You have to
choose your artworks from Arts of the Islamic World in Smart history (The Center For Public Art
Scroll down to “All Content” and be sure to click “Load More” to see the full range of
• For each art object, you select and explain relevant terms relating to the four-part
analysis method: physical properties (shape, size, medium/materials, techniques) formal
structure (visual elements and composition), subject matter (natural subject and
iconography), and cultural context. Islamic Art works Analysis Assignment Help
• For each work, select the relevant terms from each part of the four-part analysis. Copy
the term into the box and justify in your own words your choice of the term. For physical
properties, formal structure, and subject matter, explain where the term is visible. For
cultural context, justify your selection.
• For each, you will identify it, information about Title, Artist/Culture, Date. You need to
provide the URL to the page on the Smarthistory website.
• This is not an essay. You are creating a kind of glossary of relevant terms and providing
evidence and justification of your selection.

Islamic Art works Analysis Assignment Help

• Use this Word document to complete your assignment. Save it to your computer or drive
• Consult the rubric to understand my expectations.
• Put all writing in your own words. Do not reuse/copy/plagiarize anything or anyone,
including yourself. All writing for this class must be your own and original to this
semester. Islamic Art works Analysis Assignment Help
• Include as many relevant terms/concepts as possible.
• Cite any outside resources you consult. Citations should not just be a link; should be in
Chicago/MLA/APA format.
• Check spelling and grammar.
• Save the document as a pdf file.

• Upload to TCU ONLINE by the deadline listed in the syllabus. Start early. Late work is not
Sources of information for your answers:
• Textbook
• Terms and Concepts list.
• External resources (museums, online encyclopedias, etc.). You must put this information
in your own words and cite your sour

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