Feedback & Response Assignment Help

Feedback & Response Assignment Help

If you are going to grow and develop your leadership skills, you will have to rely on people around you to let you know about the impact of your behaviors and actions.  Their feedback is the only way you can learn how you make others feel.

  • Whose feedback do you need to get in order to be more effective in your leadership?
  • What questions do you need to ask each of these people in order to get valuable feedback to help you grow as a leader?

Watch a TEDTalk of Shawn Blanchard about the role that mentors have played in his life and how he now mentors others. After watching that video, review the different types of mentors we can have. Mr. Blanchard recommended having different types of mentors in your life. Feedback & Response Assignment Help

  • Look over the different types of mentors below, and identify 5 types of mentors you would like to include in your mentoring circle. Record your ideas on what these different mentors could provide and who could serve in that role in the table listed after the types of different mentors.
  • World View Mentor: person who has sat or sits way above my perspective – they can help you navigate because they are viewing where you are from a different perspective
  • Street View Mentor: person who stands with you in the same perspective
  • Reverse Mentor: person who is below you in the organizational chart or in age, but has a skill/quality you want to learn or a perspective you want to understand FFeedback & Response Assignment Help
  • Time Machine Mentor: person who is in your past – Abraham Lincoln, Dale Carnegie, Jesus, etc.
Feedback & Response Assignment Help
  • Stealth Mentor: person you can gain from without them not knowing they are doing so
  • Categorical Mentor: person who has lots of skills/talents/knowledge, and I want to learn from them
  • Anti-Mentor: person who exhibits characteristics/behaviors I do not want to be
  • Teammate Mentor: person who understands you and where you are in your career and who can provide guidance on day to day and stated goals
  • Connection Mentor: person who is connected and can help you make the connections needed to grow or succeed
  • Path Blazer Mentor: expert in industry or your chosen path and can dramatically shorten the learning curve for you
  • Sounding Board Mentor: person who allows you to bounce off ideas, provides feedback, and helps you get to better ideas Feedback & Response Assignment Help
  • Success Magnet Mentor: person who has been very successful in their own industry – offers new perspective on “success” generally. Helps uncover real world, how to overcome obstacles of all types
  • Sponsor: person who believes in you, is your advocate, will speak on your behalf
  • Mirror Mentor: person who tells you like it is, brutal honesty that you respect, they know your strengths/weaknesses, background, challenges you
  • Complete the Mentoring Worksheet

Review the many different types of mentors. Of those different categories, select at least FIVE types of mentors you need to be part of your personal mentoring circle.

Then get more specific about WHAT this mentor could do for you and WHO could fill this role.

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