Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

PICOT: For pregnant patients, during weeks 38-40 of gestation, does screening for depression with the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale (EPDS), compared to current practice (postpartum period only), impact earlier identification and referrals to counseling in 8-10 weeks?

Project Timeline:

Week #1: (05/02/2022-05/07/2022), I will document in an excel spreadsheet a retrospective chart review for 80 patients who received prenatal care at the practicum site regarding screening and referrals pre-data. In week 1, the student will also educate the staff about using the EPDS and the importance of early screening, referral pathways, and evidence-based research that supports the practice change. The student will create a list of mental health providers in the area and share it with this practice. Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

Weeks #2-9: (05/08/2022-07/02/2022), the medical assistant checking in the patients will give them an EPDS paper questionnaire during weeks 38-40 of gestation. The healthcare provider will score the responses before entering the room to screen and refer them.

Week #10: (07/03/2022-07/09/2022) The DNP student will collect post-data and compare them to the initial data.

During previous sessions, I visited the practicum site and gained a good insight into the clinic workflow. This week, the staff was eager to receive the education and resources I had prepared for them. It is rewarding to see how the implementation is ready to happen and how it will improve patient outcomes. Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

How have you demonstrated your role as a clinical scholar in your current position?

A clinical scholar is responsible for practicing and making changes based on evidence-based interventions. If you practice in an acute-care setting, especially during COVID, you know how interventions and changes occur several times during the same shift. In my current position, I educate nurses, and it was a challenging time for me to implement decisions that affected everyone and had no scientific background. My role then expanded to discover best practices to improve the safety of the nurses and the quality of the patient’s perinatal experience. Nurses prepared at a DNP level help reduce the gap between research and clinical practice making the scientific findings meaningful to the bedside staff (Trautman et al., 2018). Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help

How do you anticipate integrating this role into your current or future career?

A publication by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in 2018 defined the scholarship for academic nursing. We can find specific examples on this topic (Defining scholarship for academic nursing, 2018). After I graduate, I would love to teach. Using my new role as a clinical scholar will be an asset to my academic career. I will use my DNP essentials to become involved in developing curriculums that increase professionalism and impulse undergraduate students to become scientists in the nursing field. Pregnancy Nursing Assignment Help


Danay Sosa 


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