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1.(Article 2. 6) Baker argues that trade agreements have protected U.S. doctors and  pharmaceutical companies from international competition. Why do you think  this has been the case, when other kinds of workers and industries have borne  the full brunt of global competition:  Would policies to reduce the prices charged  by. the medical sector be desirable? What policies? Pharmaceutical Companies Homework Help

(Article 2. 6) Baker argues that trade policy will often reflect domestic political  and economic power and thus sees very little chance that the U.S. government  would enact trade policy to allow for greater domestic competition in pharma- ceuticals and medical services. Since world suppliers are prohibited from coming  to the United States to provide drugs and medical services, can Amdrican  consumers” vote with their feet” and follow the logic of the market to other  countries? Explain the phenomenon of” medical tourism and the relationship  of U.S. trade partners Canada and Mexico to this market phenomenon Pharmaceutical Companies Homework Help

Pharmaceutical Companies Homework Help
  • (Article 4. 6) App-based gig employers like Uber and DoorDash say their apps let  you work when you can and to be your own boss. What are some of the down- sides associated with these jobs? How do jobs like this help companies shift the  costs of production?
  • (Article 9. 1) What is the basis of supply-siders claim that lowering the highest mar  ginal tax rate will generate more tax revenue? What are the main arguments against  this view? Pharmaceutical Companies Homework Help
  • (Article 9. 2) In what way have tax policies contributed to growing inequality in the  United States How does U.S. tax policy compare to other developed countries, and  how has that related to productivity growth?
  • (Article 9. 3) Why does John Miller think that state-level taxes on millionaires will  not lead to tax-fight?

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