Quality improvement Review Help

Quality improvement Review the HCAPHS survey document, by clicking on the hyperlink.

  1. Choose one of the questions on the survey and research an intervention to improve patient satisfaction on that question. It must be evidence-based articles
  2. Drop a pdf of the article for your solution in the Week 7: Assignment 2 submission folder.
  3. Review the rubric to make sure you include all required information in your video assignment.
  4. Create a video to present a systems-based solution, according to the research. (Do NOT include “increased staffing” as your solution.). Quality improvement
  5. NOTE: Please write out what I am going to use to record the video in a separate paragraph.

I also need the pdf of the article(evidence-based articles) the article must correlate with what you are answering from the survey question you choose

Quality improvement Review Help


 You should only fill out this survey if you were the patient during the hospital stay

named in the cover letter. Do not fill out this survey if you were not the patient.

 Answer all the questions by checking the box to the left of your answer.

 You are sometimes told to skip over some questions in this survey. When this happens

you will see an arrow with a note that tells you what question to answer next, like this: Quality improvement

 Yes

No If No, Go to Question 1

You may notice a number on the survey. This number is used to let us know if

you returned your survey so we don’t have to send you reminders.

Please note: Questions 1-25 in this survey are part of a national initiative to measure the quality Quality improvement Review Help

of care in hospitals. OMB #0938-0981

Please answer the questions in this survey

about your stay at the hospital named on

the cover letter. Do not include any other

hospital stays in your answers.


During this hospital stay, how often did nurses treat you with courtesy Qualityimprovement and respect?

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