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Relationship between media and violent behavior

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Relationship between media and violent behavior Severe violent behavior is usually seen when the person is exposed to such situations where extreme violence is present and results from individual differences. One of the most critical environmental factors that play a vital role in developing this behavior is social media. Aggression and violence observed in society are a general threat caused by media violence. Various research and educational studies show that as the exposure of children and adults is increased through different sources like games which contain an act of aggression and killings or violence of any sort certainly leaves long term effect on the growing mind of youth. The violence that is usually spread in society through news, disturbing programs, and shows provoke the youngsters as well. The violence seen in dramas and movies is mostly responsible for the emotional desensitization of kids, and they consider violence as normal behavior. Relationship between media and violent behavior

In a study done by Anderson et al. (2017), it was observed that various experimental works exposed that, on average, every young person spends almost 9 hours using social media, and due to the popularity of video games, this time period has further increased. Increased media violence leads to aggressive thoughts, desensitization regarding any violence, physiological arousal, temperament loss, and decreased empathy towards others. Various social-cognitive theories have been developed in order to understand the social behaviors of these people and the reasons behind the occurrence of these behaviors in the long-term run. Social learning theories give convincing reasons for the relationship between media and violence, according to which children will certainly follow the things they observe others to as they consider them completely normal. Hence violence they see on television, and the internet usually desensitizes them and is a common cause for their anger control and aggrieves issues.

Media and violent behavior Help

Another study was done by Ybarra et al. (2008) regarding the linkage between the internet and other media violence with the development of violent behavior in youth showed that expression of seriously violent behavior in older children was due to their increased exposure to media. This study created a very alarming situation as newly developing various forms of media were highly damaging to youth mindset and was also responsible for messing their emotions and characters, which was a state of concern in this study.

When studying the impact of social media on human life, there comes both positive and negative aspect. If there is controlled usage of media and if parenting control is appropriately done, it highly affects the growth and nature of children. Children’s exposure to the positive side of media and controlling the hours of television watching can decrease violent behavior. There is still a requirement of long-term assessment studies which could help us understand the effects of media on human nature, as well as there is a need to develop tools that help in the construction of positive behavior in upcoming youth so that problems are faced due to aggression and violence spread through media could be controlled. Relationship between media and violent behavior


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