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Technological Innovation Trajectory Assignment

You work as a middle manager for one of the top U.S. producers of luxury and mass-market automobiles and trucks. In response to a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, innovation has become a necessity for most organizations that want to compete in the marketplace. This includes automobile and truck manufacturers. The organization from the course scenario has decided to add IoT technology to its vehicles. While the organization is debating whether to utilize incremental or discontinuous  Technological Innovation Trajectory Assignment Help innovation, you have been asked to create a presentation analyzing the dimensions of innovation for your team members. This presentation will help your team members understand the potential options for the organization and the possible technological trajectory (path).

Assignment Details:

Using the information in the overview above and reviewing dimensions of innovation and the five major technological trajectories from your textbook, create a presentation  Technological Innovation Trajectory Assignment Help analyzing innovations. It may be helpful to review the CTO BriefComparative Growth DataComparative Operating Statistics, and Comparative Product Plans documents. Your presentation should include the following points:

Technological Innovation Trajectory Assignment Help
  1. Slide One:Give examples of types of innovation for your company at the component and system levels.
  2. Slide Two:Describe the potential incremental innovations from the types of innovation and explain why they are incremental.
  3. Slide Three:Describe the potential discontinuous innovations from the types of innovation and explain why they are discontinuous. Technological Innovation Trajectory Assignment Help
  4. Slides Four/Five:Explain the potential path for your organization by identifying one of the five technological trajectories for your organization along with your justification for that choice.


Using PowerPoint, create a 4–5 slide presentation that includes detailed speaker notes highlighting the important points you want to emphasize to your team members and includes references cited in APA format.

Textbook: Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change

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