Patient Resource Assignment Help

Patient Resource Assignment

Utilizing the information from the report you wrote, develop an educational resource for the parent of your selected child. Be sure that the recommended activities are tailored to the home setting and are appropriate for parents to implement.

While the parent is the expert on their child, you are the expert in Child Development. As you present the activities to the family, be intentional in how you present the activities. Ensure that your presentation is a “teaching tool”. Be sure that you align the activities with the specific domains in your presentation. The parent educational resource should describe activities and explain why they would be beneficial to the child’s development across all domains of learning.  These domains include physical, emotional/social, cognitive, and language.

Use Graphics and Be creative!  Design your format and delivery method.  You can design a brochure, a handout, or a PowerPoint presentation. Just be creative! Keep in mind that the more creative you are, the more apt a parent will be to use the activities shared in the resource. Personalize your resource to the child you have been observing throughout the assessment process.

Patient Resource Assignment Help

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The Approaches to Play and Learning

Activities beneficial to the approaches to play and learning should aim at encouraging the child to engage in exploratory behavior. For instance, providing them with activities such as painting, stacking blocks, matching shapes, and letting them discover items during treasure hunts will allow one to observe the child’s development in APL. A child who performs best will be curious and actively engage in these activities. Patient Resource Assignment Help

Emotional and Social Development

Activities beneficial to a child’s emotional and social development are intended to allow a child to express themselves emotionally and acknowledge their feelings. For preschoolers this can be achieved by engaging the kids in decision-making. For instance, they can decide whether they want to read story books or tell stories. Social development can also be achieved by allowing the kids to narrate about their interests or hobbies, thereby boosting their confidence and growth (Little et al., 2013).

Health and Physical Development

Activities beneficial to a child’s health and physical development aim at promoting an overall healthy well-being of the child. These activities are also aimed at boosting their immunity. Therefore, children should be encouraged to engage in physical exercises such as running, engage in healthy feeding habits, and observing personal hygiene.

Language and Communication

To promote language and communication, children can first learn by communicating with their parents and siblings. It is advisable that from birth, parents should communicate with their children so that they can easily adapt into communication once they start speaking. Other activities such as reading, writing, and storytelling will enhance their language and communication (Little et al., 2013). Patient Resource Assignment Help

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development can be enhanced by having the child engage in exploratory learning activities. This will include teaching them about science, painting, visual arts, and allowing them to engage in critical thinking skills, for instance, having preschoolers read out numbers or alphabets in the correct order. This will promote cognitive development and allow the child’s mind to develop (Little et al., 2013).

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