Excel Analysis Lab Assignment Help

Excel Analysis Lab Assignment


This lab assignment shows you how to connect with an excel file using Tableau and introduces you to

some of the tasks and benefits of analyzing real data on a dashboard for NC Retail Order Data.


Download the Excel workbook called “VandelaySales2015.xlsx”.

  • Install Tableau as we showed you in the class as a free trial. Excel Analysis Lab Assignment Help
  • Review the data and come up with your own ANY FOUR business questions and create different visualizations to answer them. For each question, create a Tableau sheet that includes
  1. The question,
  2. The answer, and
  3. Your visualization supports your answer.
  • Try to find the best (concise, clear) visualization for each question (use Show Me to help). There

is no single, right or wrong answer. Write your question and answer on each sheet using the text tool

on the Dashboard or any annotations in worksheets.

Excel Analysis Lab Assignment Help
  • Creating for each visualization on a separate Tableau sheet and renaming your sheet with a short

key description related to your findings, for examples, Sales2015, Region7Sales, WalmartProducts,

etc. Excel Analysis Lab Assignment Help

  • Each chart needs to be different visualization type and for a different question. For example, you

cannot use Pie Chart twice for two different questions, etc. APA Style


FOUR different charts with different business analytics questions and answers are worth 25 points.

  1. -1 point if missing sheet name.
  2. -15 points if the same question is used twice.
  3. -15 points if the same chart type is used twice.
  4. -10 points if the chart, question, and answer is not clear.
  5. -5 points for each chart if formatting is not complete, for example to $ for sales numbers, etc.


Take a snapshot for each graph from Tableau and past it into your word document then same as PDF.

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