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NACE Career Competencies Assignment

Week Five Discussion

1. Write a  150-200 word response to the following question by Wednesday of this week:

Research and list the eight (8) NACE Career Competencies and provide a definition of each in your own words

2. Respond to at least two other classmate posts by Sunday with a meaningful reply that includes no less than 100 words. “Great job!” or “Well done!” are not meaningful. Instead, give details and explain your response.

3. For your initial post and responses please reference information from the course materials or other credible scholarly academic references.

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Week Five Discussion – Darrell Brathwaite

1. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving – Critical thinking and problem solving alludes to the capacity to utilize information, facts, and information effectively to take care of problems

2. Teamwork/Collaboration – Team collaboration is a communication and project management approach that emphasizes teamwork, innovative thinking, and equal participation to achieve objectives.

3. Professionalism/Work Ethic – Work Ethic/Professionalism exhibits respectability, versatility, responsibility, and a moral way of behaving. It’s the capacity to step up to the plate, and keep up with powerful work propensities (focus on, plan and oversee work; dependability) to create great outcomes. NACE Career Competencies Assignment Help

4. Oral/Written Communications – Oral/Written Communication. is the exchange of ideas, information, and message through spoken words as well as the Interchange of messages, opinions, and information in written or printed form

Career Competencies Assignment Help

5. Career Management- Career Management is a lifelong process of investing resources to accomplish your future career goals. It is a continuing process that allows you to adapt to the changing demands of our dynamic economy.

6. Global/Intercultural Fluency – global and intercultural fluency is the ability to show openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to interact with all people and understand cultural differences.

7. Leadership – Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. To influence or guide other individuals, teams, or even entire organizations. NACE Career Competencies Assignment Help

8. Digital Technology – Digital technologies are electronic tools, systems, devices, and resources that generate, store, or process data. Jobs want people who can effectively use technology because in this day in age everything is digital and our society functions off of it. being able to handle and understand the digital aspect can be a great contribution to any company.


Week Five Discussion: Simya Levine

· Critical thinking: problem-solving, evaluating, and analyzing skills

· Teamwork: Collaboratively work with a group of people working on a common goal

· Professionalism: Quality, conduct, and set of standards an individual upholds in a professional setting

· Communication: Verbal and written conveying of a message to an audience

· Technology: Software, programming, and database skills

· Leadership: An individual or group of individuals’ ability to influence and guide other individuals

· Equity & Inclusion: The equal participation of all groups regardless of race, age, culture, creed, etc

· Career & Self Development: Improvement of oneself and career through professional and personal growth and advancement

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