WLAN Networking Lab Project Help

WLAN Networking Lab Project

For your final step, synthesize the previous steps and labs to summarize the major findings and from this project.

Specifically, prepare a technical report that summarizes your findings. Include all of the following elements:

  1. The strengths and limitations associated with limiting access of web pages through the use of firewalls. WLAN Networking Lab Project Help
  2. A detailed description of how tunneling through firewall via SSH worked and how the process could be used protect a private subnet. Describe the implications of using a jump box for access to the private subnet. Cover concerns such as key storage, creation, and rotation at scale for a large organization.
  3. TLS communication challenges and results from your TLS 1.3 Java client-server implementation. Describe how this functionality could be used to support an IoT application with hundreds of thousands of remote sensor devices connecting across a distributed network.
  4. A discussion of major threats to WLANs and how each can be mitigated. Provide security monitoring best practices and describe suitable approaches to protecting a WLAN. WLAN Networking Lab Project Help
WLAN Networking Lab Project Help

Delve further into these topics by conducting research beyond the classroom readings and lab exercises to gain further insight and enhance your report.

Naturally, I expect your report will include a title page, table of contents, list of tables and figures (if applicable), and a list of references. Organize the content into sections, with clear, meaningful headings.


Joint Task Force Transformation Initiative. (2015, January 22). “SC-7 Boundary Protection,” from¬†Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations.¬†Retrieved from https://nvd.nist.gov/800-53/Rev4/control/SC-7

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