Strategic Plan Assignment Help

Strategic Plan Summary (200 words)

1. Assess the culture of the organization for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice intervention. Use this assessment when creating the strategicplan. Write a 150-250-word strategic plan defining how the nursing practice intervention will be implemented in the capstone project change proposal. Strategic Plan Assignment Help

Change Project Resources (200 words)

2. Work with your preceptor to assess the organization for required resources needed for the strategicplan if the change proposal were to be implemented. Review your strategic plan and determine what resources would be needed if the change proposal were to be implemented. Write a list of at least four resources you will need in order to implement your change proposal. Outcomes (200 words)

3. After working with your preceptor to assess organizational policies, create a list of measurable outcomes for your capstone project intervention. Write a list of three to five outcomes for your proposed intervention. Below each outcome, provide a one or two sentence rationale. Strategic Plan Assignment Help

Strategic Plan Assignment Help

Mind diet Assignment

Directions for each individual summary:

  1. Find one peer-reviewed primary (Original Research) article on Topic 7.
  2. Read and evaluate the article chosen.
  3. Write a summary of the article that answers the following questions for the article:
    1. Who were the participants of the study? (i.e. healthy men, postmenopausal women) Strategic Plan Assignment Help
    2. What is the intervention and control; or the comparison?
    3. What type of study was done? (i.e. RCT, case-control)
    4. What is the main finding of the peer-reviewed article?
    5. List 2 or more strengths and 2 or more weaknesses of the study design (not the results).
  4. Write this summary in a paragraph format.
  5. Include the full references for the chosen article in AMA format. A guide to AMA is posted on Canvas. Note: This is NOT just the URL! Also, journal articles need to be formatted like journal articles, not the website you found the article.
  6. Post this summary in the thread I started for Part 1.

What are the benefits of the MIND diet?

What are the cons of the MIND diet?

 Is there sufficient scientific data to support following the MIND diet?

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