Nursing Practice Questions Help

Nursing Practice Questions

  1. Describe how individuals are influenced by social, economic, ethical, and religious factors when making health related decisions.
  2. Define Cultural Competence.
  3. Consider how the nurse’s personal culture and beliefs could negatively impact his or her ability to care for an individual. What strategies should nurses employ to ensure equitable care and attitudes? Provide several examples.
  4. What ethical issues are related to the care of people with disabilities?
  5. Describe how rural aggregates are at risk and the priority needs and nursing actions for this population. Nursing Practice Questions Help
  6. Describe some of the most common types of mental illnesses encountered in community settings and why this population is at risk. What issues do they face?
  7. Describe the role of the nurse in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of violence.
  8.  Discuss the types of substance use disorders. Explain how substance use disorders impact individuals, families, and communities. How does the community health nurse care for this population?
  9. The homeless population is vulnerable to health disparities; explain who fits into this population, the associated health risks, and what strategies can be implemented to assist this aggregate.
  10. What health issues are military veterans at risk for?
  11. Describe in one to two sentences how each of following populations is at risk and an associated nursing action:

Senior Citizens-


Migrant Workers-

Pregnant Adolescents-

Incarcerated Populations-

Sexual or Gender Minorities-

Nursing Practice Questions Help

Nursing Practice Questions Help APA Paper Formatting Basics

Please use APA format guidelines to answer the questions. You do not need a cover page if your name is on each page as the RUNNING HEAD. Include the question number and question, then, answer below each question using APA format (double spaced, appropriate font, cite sources).

Include an APA style REFERENCE PAGE. Textbook and scholarly sources may be used.

For this assignment, some questions are reflective and do not require citations.

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