Nursing Objective Assignment Help

Nursing Objective Assignment

  1. Explain different factors affecting health and wellness in various settings such as schools, faith community and correctional setting. 
  2.  Describe the roles and responsibilities of occupational health nursing.  
  3.   Describe the role of case management nursing and how nurse case managers utilize the nursing process.
  4. Explain the purpose of hospice care and how it is different from palliative care.
  5. Give 2-3 examples of activities that a school nurse might engage in at each level of prevention.
  6. List examples (7 each) of Natural and Man-made Disasters.
  7. Outline the stages of a disaster and related stages of disaster management. 
  8. Consider a disaster event that occurred in your community. Describe mitigating factors and how you or your family prepared for this disaster. Nursing Objective Assignment Help
  9. Building on your answer to number 4, what response actions did you witness following the disaster? Identify federal, state, local, and volunteer responses. Were any changes made as a result of this disaster? What were they and at what level were they made?
  10. Describe the impact of a disaster on a community. How does it affect people during and immediately after the disaster? Consider basic necessities and comforts or luxuries. What is the impact days, weeks, months, or even years after?
  11. List potential bioterrorist chemical and biological agents. 
  12. How does disease reporting and tracking in public health nursing and epidemiology play a role in bioterrorism, and in global health?
  13. Explain the steps in a rapid triage assessment during a mass-casualty event. How and why is this method used?
  14. Consider the following vulnerable populations and describe specific potential concerns in a disaster situation: Senior citizens -Homeless- Mentally Ill- Rural- veterans-
Nursing Objective Assignment Help

Nursing Objective Assignment Help Please use APA format guidelines to answer the questions. You do not need a cover page if your name is on each page as the RUNNING HEAD. Include the question number and question, then, answer below each question using APA format (double spaced, appropriate font, cite sources).

Include an APA style REFERENCE PAGE. Textbook and scholarly sources may be used.

For this assignment, some questions are reflective and do not require citations.

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