Network Presentation to Stakeholder

Network Presentation to Stakeholder

Your medium-sized organization is expanding both nationally and internationally and
you have been tasked to implement a Wide Area Network (WAN) topology. The organization has expanded to 5 different geographical locations and has directed you to design the WAN. In essence, you need to submit a plan to your Executive board and get approval to install the WAN. Background Information:
• Your Executive Board consists of the CEO, CFO, CIO.
• Your IT/Security Team consists of CISO, Security Manager, Data Center manager, IT Manager. Network Presentation to Stakeholder Help
• Employees of the organization will expand from 20 to 60 (globally)
• Currently, there are 20 employees at Location A. There will be another location of 30 employees at Location B and10 new employees in France. Some new employees at Location B will be remote users.
• Your new network must be scalable for future growth. Instructions:
• Your final submission is a 6–8-page detailed proposal to the Executive Board. It should include Planning the Network, Building the Network, Securing and Maintaining the Network ensuring security is at the forefront.
• You will utilize what you completed and discussed in your groups in Units
4, 5, and 6 and all course materials to assist you in preparing your final
proposal to stakeholders.Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Key elements of the proposal should include:
1. Who will be the stakeholders?
2. What SDWAN did you recommend and why? Your response should be as specific as possible. Network Presentation to Stakeholder Help
3. Please make sure to include any security concerns that should be addressed from Part III.
4. Your paper should outline the solution, as well as the process of how you arrived at this solution.
1. Part I: Planning the Network
• Who are the stakeholders?
• Select and justify both internal and external networking components.
• Provide a security recommendation to ensure the network is secure in transit
and at rest.
• Provide what network protocols will be used for the WAN architecture and
• Ensure the network can provide the following capabilities:
a. Connect all users local, remote, and internationally.
b. Have to ability to file share.
c. The ability to access the Customer Data database.
d. Manage all resources centrally.
e. Allow users to access resources remotely and securely.
2. Part II: Building the Network
• Who would you give advice to regarding the design of the building and
network cable planning that would help reduce network errors? Give details of
the advice you would give.Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
• Your organization will need you to provide IP details for both LAN and WAN
topologies for static and DCHP. Network Presentation to Stakeholder Help
• Include a plan for remote access and VPN usage.
3. Part III: Securing and Maintaining the Network
• Create a plan for secure access for both internal and external users to include
password complexity.
• Should multi-layer authentication be used? Why or why not?
• Make sure your network topology includes awareness training to make users
aware of the various malware and phishing attempts employed by attackers.
4. Include the diagram of the network and cost-benefit analysis that you would
recommend from Part II.
5. Include the detailed budget from Part III.

Network Presentation to Stakeholder Help

• The proposal must be in your own words and not written directly from the
PowerPoint Presentations or papers that you completed with your group.
You can include the network diagram, cost-benefit- analysis, and budget
that you worked on with your group.
• 6-page min not to exceed 8-pages excluding the network diagram, cost
analysis, budget, Title, and Reference pages.
• Slideshow submissions are not required.
• Submit a Word document in APA 7 format.
• At least three resources

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