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Curriculum Project: Curriculum Essentials Project Assignment Instructions

The Curriculum Essentials Project template has four sectioned parts (Mission Statement, Character Education, Standards Comparison, and Standards Integration).


A mission statement clarifies priorities and gives direction to everyone in the organization. Curriculum learning experiences must support the mission statement. For example:

Thomas C. Miller Elementary School for Innovation Curriculum Essentials Project Assignment Help

is a partnership for children, parents, teachers, and the community that recognizes the special gifts of each child. We promote the intellectual, creative, social, and physical well-being of each student with a commitment to academic excellence. Our distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum provides for thematic units, innovative teaching and evaluation practices, and inclusive education with an emphasis on science, math, technology and the performing arts.

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In viewing curriculum written for this school, a curriculum evaluator will look for learning experiences that are integrative in nature and meet the needs of the whole child (intellectual, creative, social, and physical). Curriculum Essentials Project Assignment Help

For the Part I Mission Statement section of the assignment template you should create a school mission statement that clarifies priorities and gives direction to the school organization. Situate your creativity and original mission statement from a local school’s mission statement. Reference that school’s mission statement in the mission statement reference section.


Character education highlights character principles throughout the curriculum. Learning experiences should be engaging, active, and morally purposeful. For example:

Character Principle 1: Integrity: The teacher will use the literature story, The Empty Pot by Demi, to demonstrate the importance of integrity. Students will read the story and then create a sequence flip-book of the main events of the story. On the last page of the flip book, the students will write a summary sentence on “the moral of the story”; they will then write a few sentences on how they can show integrity in their own life experiences and actions.Curriculum Essentials Project Assignment Help

Curriculum Essentials Project Assignment Help

Character Principle 2: Work Ethic: The teacher will introduce a unit the rise of industrialism in the United States. Students will study concepts in efficiency, division of labor, free enterprise, etc. For a home/school connection activity, students will complete a service learning project of their choice that demonstrates work ethic. Results of this project will be made into a “Social Studies Fair.”

For the Part II Character Education section of the assignment template you should create an abbreviated plan for implementing character education by listing 8 character principles that should be taught throughout the curriculum. Then create a corresponding learning experience that could be used to teach and practice each of the 8 character principles.

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