Work & Wealth Science Homework Help

Work & Wealth Science Homework Instructions

Please address the following question for Unit #2. Make sure that you are clearly identifying a concept and that your total post is 200 words

Chapter 4: Work and Wealth

1.   How might being a person of color influence one’s ability to achieve wealth in America? Which racial category do you believe will have the most difficult time? Which do you believe will have the easiest path? Why? Work & Wealth Science Homework Help

2.  In our application of the matrix perspective to the history of economic inequality, can you find insights that apply to your own family history? (You may need to talk with older family members to learn more about your family history.)

3.   Which sociological theory do you think best explains differential experiences of wealth and income based on race in the United States? Give an example from today to support your discussion.

Chapter 5: Health, Medicine, and Health Care

1.   Microaggressions can be understood as a death of one thousand cuts—seemingly minor experiences that, over time, can create significant health consequences. Do you believe that some people are too sensitive, or do you believe that microaggressions have the power to kill? Explain using at least one specific example to support your discussion. Work & Wealth Science Homework Help

Work & Wealth Science Homework Help

2.   There is evidence to suggest that simply living as a person of color in the United States can result in poor health. How might discrimination in education, economy, and housing create a perfect storm for discrimination in healthcare? Is it possible for people of color to avoid these related negative health outcomes? Why or why not? Work & Wealth Science Homework Help

3.   Racial discrimination can come as a result of medical training. How would you work to improve training of medical workers to decrease levels of discrimination in healthcare settings? What do you think is the most important training that is required?

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