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Social Science Assignment

Please address the following question for Unit #2. Make sure that you are clearly identifying a concept and that your total post is 200 words.

United Shades of America Season 4 Episode 2 – Not All White People

1.   Kamau Bell meets with several European American anti-racist activists in this episode including the John Brown Gun Club and Antifa. He also meets with Alicia Garza, a co-founder of BlackLivesMatter. What are some of the myths and misrepresentations about some of these groups that are addressed in this episode? Discuss at least two significant groups. Social Science Assignment Help

2. In your view, why is it important for anti-racist European Americans to engage in political struggle against white supremacy? Is their participation necessary? What kinds of inter-ethnic partnerships can be gained from European American participation in civil rights struggles? Please point to at least one European American anti-racist group discussed in the episode as an example for your answer. Social Science Assignment Help

Social Science Assignment Help

3. Several of the activists highlighted in this episode speak to how they use white privilege in order to advance their anti-racist agenda. Discuss at least one example of how this might be accomplished. Use a specific organization highlighted in the episode to make your point.

Social Science Assignment Help

4. Our text often talks about “hidden stories”  Does this episode reveal any hidden stories about European American participation in anti-racism and civil rights struggles? Were you introduced to any organization that you have never heard of before? Deal with at least two examples of organizations whose work represented “hidden stories” for you. Speculate why this kind of information is not readily available in the American media.

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