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Respond by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance. Must be written in current APA format with at least two academic references cite. References must be within the last five years.

Nursing Assignment Response Help Azole drugs such as Clotrimazole (Lotrimin) are fungistatic, thus limiting fungal growth. It highly depends on epidermal growth and turnover to shed the still-living fungus from the surface and become absorbed in order to appropriately reduce the growth (Kyle, A. A., & Dahl, M. V, 2004). Fungal infections of the dermis are treated with these drugs often. It’s often found that topical antifungal therapies work well to get rid of fungal organisms. The fungicidal creams kill the fungal organisms while the fungistatic creams limit the growth turnover. Treatment choices are always different depending on the prognosis. Some side effects do exist such as further rash, hives, blistering, or burning. Most practitioners prescribe branded products in creams or lotions; cost is a factor that dictates the prescription choice.

Clotrimazole is a first-line therapy for Candidiasis. It is normally prescribed to be applied twice to three times daily until the infection clears (Truven Health Analytics, 2019). Nursing Assignment Response Help .Specifically for this patient, in this week’s case, 6-week-old Sam, its prescribed three times daily, as that is the recommendation for diaper dermatitis. Diaper rash is common in infants and toddlers as they wear wet diapers, without frequent changes, causing diaper rash from their sensitive skin (Arcangelo, 2017). It’s clear to the prescriber/practitioner that the over-the-counter drug that the mother had attempted to utilize was not effective therefore required a better therapy.

Nursing Assignment Response Help

In developing a teaching plan for this child’s mother, one must assess the understanding of proper hygiene for her child. As the child is at an extremely young age to develop this diaper rash, it has become clear that the family requires education on keeping their child dry and safe from future fungal infections. I would begin by discussing the mother’s current regime for changing diapers: how often, her technique, and her understanding for the need to Nursing Assignment Response Help change diapers often. Some common misconceptions may be taught to Sam’s parents and analyzing if they are first time parents thus not having certainty of how to properly care for their child’s skin. When the diaper rash clears, the parents should be aware of any changes in skin texture, color, or sensitivities. Lastly, it may be a good idea to try new products for their child, such as naturalistic products that have less chemicals to help keep Sam’s skin intact and developing without any further dermatitis outbreaks. 

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