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Education Response Homework Theresa

Collaborative learning is an instructional approach whereby the educator leaves each member of the student group with the task of elevating other learners’ academic performance, while collaborative learning is a teaching method whereby the students work together as a team on projects and assignments.

The similarities between collaborative and cooperative learning strategies include emphasizing the importance of active learning since both strategies ensure active participation of the learners (Johnson and Johnson). Secondly, the two methods foster social and team-building skills among learners while enhancing the students’ success and retention of information. The two approaches are employed in instances whereby the learners are required to articulate ideas in small groupings and harness the learners’ diversity. The instructor acts as a facilitator in the two instruction methods in fostering Education Response Homework Help higher-order cognitive skills.

The two strategies differ in that in cooperative learning, the instructor observes and intervenes when necessary, while in collaborative learning, there is limited instructor involvement as the teacher does not interfere in group work (Cooperative and Collaborative Learning). In cooperative learning, the activities are structured in ensuring each student is assigned a specific role by the instructor, while in collaborative learning, the students negotiate and organize their efforts by themselves. In cooperative learning, the learners submit their work after class for examination, while in collaborative learning, the students retain drafts for further completion. Lastly, in cooperative learning, students’ exams. Education Response Homework Help

Education Response Homework Help

The cooperative learning would be structured by numbering students from one to four within their teams. I would then issue the teams with questions to discuss, ensuring the members know the answer. I would randomly call the team members to answer the question. Notably, the member selected may not receive help from the team in answering the question (Premo et al.). I would structure collaborative learning through the jigsaw technique, which would categorize an assignment into subsets. Each student would be required to complete and submit their part to the group before final submission.

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