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Creative Essay Assignment

Drawing upon examples of creative expression (e.g., film, short story, music, humor) featured in class as well as insights offered through other course materials (especially the week 5 articles on assimilation, the melting pot, and cultural pluralism), address the following interrelated questions: how do individuals in selected materials react to “being American” (or in cases involving recently arrived immigrants, “becoming American”)?  Is such an identity static, as if the individuals in question followed a pre-existing rule book on how to be “American?” Or, is this identity treated as existing in a state of being “in-progress,” where “American-ness” is actively constructed and molded by Creative Essay Assignment Helpindividuals into a form that reflects a more personalized, rather than conformist, approach towards American identity? Please explain.    

Discuss the following:

  • Taqwacore: the Birth of Punk Islam (In your analysis of this film, discuss at least 3 specific scenes / events, explaining how they demonstrate the point you are trying to make in regards to your answers to the questions above. Focus your analysis on the South Asian American members of the Kominas / Noble Drew.) Creative Essay Assignment Help
Creative Essay Assignment Help

AND, select 1 of the following 3 items to also analyze in your paper (along with the Taqwacore documentary)

  • ITEM 2 – Resist and Exist’s song “Assimilation” (composed by Korean American immigrant singer-songwriter Jae Lee) and Chris Iijima / Joanne Nobuko Miyamoto / Charlie Chin’s song “We Are the Children” (composed by Iijima and Miyamoto) [Refer to at least 2 different sections of a song—for example, analyze key lyrics at the beginning and then key lyrics near the middle of “Assimilation.” Then, do something similar for “We Are the Children.” Focus your analysis on the perspectives of the composers as expressed in their song lyrics.] Creative Essay Assignment Help
  • ITEM 3 – Tien Tran’s comedy routine featured in the video clip entitled “When the Teacher Doesn’t Even Try to Pronounce Your Name” [Discuss at least 3 different jokes. Focus your analysis on Tran’s content throughout the entire video (and not just the jokes related to her name).] Creative Essay Assignment Help

[NOTE: For all of the above items, discuss and develop your analysis with as much depth as possible. You should back up some of your claims by directly quoting relevant lines of text or dialogue to add more nuance and refinement to your analysis while also making your point to readers more forcefully and persuasively.]

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