Burnout Paraphrase Assignment Help

Burnout Paraphrase Assignment

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

One role of a trained crisis counselor includes working for a crisis hotline. Crisis hotlines are call centers that take phone calls from individuals experiencing various type of crises or trauma. For example, there are hotlines specifically for individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts, for survivors of sexual assault, for veterans, and for mobilizing mobile crisis outreach teams. When working at these hotlines, counselors intercept back-to-back crisis-related calls for their entire shift. Long hours spent hearing about clients’ traumatic experiences, intervening when clients present as suicidal, and making decisions about high-risk crisis situations can be very taxing on a counselor. Burnout Paraphrase Assignment Help

How might counselors who work with high-risk clients experience vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout? What might self-care look like for a counselor in this situation? What strategies might a counselor use to prevent experiencing vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, or burnout in the future? Which other professionals might face a similar risk in the counseling field?

Burnout Paraphrase Assignment Help

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American Counseling Association Fact Sheet #9 Vicarious Trauma explains that it is also called Compassion fatigue and is not to be mixed up with burnout. Burnout can happen over time, where a vacation or a job change can reduce it’s affects. ACA describes Vicarious Trauma as the “cost of caring” (ACA). Counselors can get caught up in the experiences of their clients and become saturated with their emotions. This can cause the counselor to not be able to separate their own feelings from what they have gathered throughout the day. A self-care routine and/or scheduled self-check can help prevent this. It can be vital to keep counselors in touch with themselves and be able to successfully treat their clients. My personal approach to keep this from happening is to leave myself at the door on the way into a session and the session inside when it is over. I am one that lays awake at night and my mind goes nonstop. That is something I need to work on. There are several ways to cope with other’s emotions. is to maintain a healthy work and life balance, supply the client’s with tools to cope, not you and balance your caseload. Plan for a mix of victims and non-victim clients every day. Take breaks. Seek peer and social support (British Medical Association 2022). All counselors can experience this throughout their career. Those who work with veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may have a higher risk of compassion fatigue and being overloaded with the trauma the clients have endured. Counselors keeping tabs on themselves can be a benefit in the long run and keep them from burning out. Burnout Paraphrase Assignment Help


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