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Application Essay

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MSW Program Application Essay Guidelines
The application essay provides faculty with insight and understanding of you, your interests, and goals. Please respond to EACH of the following questions as you develop your essay.

HUSSW Mission Statement
University School of Social Work is committed to educating advanced social work practitioners and future leaders for the purpose of enhancing human, organizational, social, and economic conditions which impact the quality of life of African Americans, other people of color, and people throughout the world. Consistent with the mission of University, the School of Social Work is dedicated to the pursuit and advancement of knowledge through discovery, research, partnership, innovative practices, and other scholarly and educational endeavors of its faculty, students, and graduates. The School of Social Work places a high priority on advocacy for social justice and commitment to life-long learning through community service, international linkages, public policy and utilization of technology. The School’s mission is an expression of the Black Perspective which evolved from the experiences of African Americans and African people throughout the Diaspora.

Application Essay Assignment Help
  1. Which experiences (employment, community service, social, educational, personal or others) have significantly influenced your interest in social work?
  2. Once you graduate, what are your career goals? How do you envision your field of practice influencing the outcome?
  3. The profession of social work provides support to the most vulnerable populations. Classroom topics can be emotionally triggering for students. What strategies would you use to manage your own emotions, and to respond to the emotional reactions of others during challenging conversations? Application Essay Assignment Help
  4. Provide a candid discussion of your strengths and weaknesses. Which qualities do you consider essential for the social work profession?
  5. Discuss what you consider to be the most important social justice issue(s) today. What is the role of a social worker within the social justice movement?
  6. Read carefully the Mission Statement above. How will your interests and career goals be met at the University School of Social Work?
  7. First year students are not guaranteed funding from Howard University. State specifically your plan for financing your education.

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