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Please provide HRM feedback to the below. APA Style. Must be a substantial meaningful feedback.

In order to be leader in global expansion you must understand not only your business but also the people that you have working for you and what motivates them. A successful leader will have a high emotional IQ, be able to speak their language, and understand their culture in order to build a reward system for them. In order to prepare a team of management professionals for an international assignment, it is best to prepare them with culture HRM feedback Assignment Help training, ensure they can communicate in a language they both understand, as well as transitioning coaching. To maximize the success of the team it is beneficial to implement a buddy program to give insight of the local culture, include the whole family, and don’t forget about the rewards that can be built around this like home time (Walentynowicz, 2018). 

HRM feedback Assignment Help

In research from Taylor (2021), moving to Dubai can be hard because of the culture shock, the heat, driving and transportation, living accommodations, cost of living, and the bureaucracy. As a leader, we would need to prepare our team for this and ensure they have adequate living conditions and transportation, we adjust their pay for the increased cost of living, and that we have all of their documentation in place so they are allowed access into the country and be able to work. HRM feedback Assignment Help

Taylor, J. (2021, December 7). 6 Challenges In Moving To Dubai & How To Overcome Them. Property Road. Retrieved March 20, 2022, from (Links to an external site.) HRM feedback Assignment Help

Walentynowicz, P. (2018, August 9). 5 Steps to Maximize the Success of Expatriates. Linkedin. Retrieved March 20, 2022, from

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