Healthcare Database Design Help

Healthcare Database Design Instructions

You will be designing and creating a DBMS for the field of Healthcare. You will be creating SQL queries based on common queries that a common end-user would make to a healthcare system. In addition, identify when to use No-SQL. Not only are you building multi-table databases for different components of a healthcare system, but you will also incorporate and create image databases that store real and publicly available health data like cancer images and how databases play a role in building machine learning models. Healthcare Database Design Help


All the files will be stored and organized on GitHub.


The healthcare field has very unique data requirements and processes tons of different types of health information daily. Listed below are some papers that will give a comprehensive background into Health Databases: Healthcare Database Design Help

Healthcare Database Design Help

A list of minimum Requirements:

  1. Build an Entity-Relationship Diagram that incorporates all the different types entities, actions, attributes, connecting lines, and cardinality of data within your DBMS.
  2. Based on your ER Diagram, you will then create a Relational Schema that will identify all the components of your table. Be sure you highlight your primary and foreign keys.
  3. Create your DBMS within SQL database. Healthcare Database Design Help
    1. Create a database dump of your database and upload that into GitHub.
    2. Each table should have no less than 20 tuples. You could potentially have hundreds of tuples if wanted. There are tons of open-source health datasets online that you can scrape your data from instead of making it all up on your own.
  4. Create a list of SQL queries and document their output to common queries that an end-user might have about their data. These queries should include areas like:
    1. Aggregate Functions
    2. Dates
    3. SQL Logical Operators like IN, AND, LIKE, NOT, OR, ANY, BETWEEN, EXISTS, etc.
    4. Regular Expressions Healthcare Database Design Help
    5. Formula Expressions
    6. Subqueries
  5. Identify and then develop any and all infrastructure diagrams that will incorporate SQL and No SQL DBMS. Specify why one would be used over (if at all) another in your final report.
    1. As part of this section, you will need to identify, define, compare, and contrast the different types of databases. This means you need to identify all the (major) different types of databases available and their uses. You will want to create a Table here. In your final statement you need to specify why you selected a specific type of database, why it meets your needs. Healthcare Database Design Help
  6. Demonstrate and document a DBMS query.

Health Data Repositories:

  1. National Cancer Institution, Imaging Data Commons:

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