Ethical Information Use Questions Help

Ethical Information Use Questions

  1. Private corporate data is often encrypted using a key, which is needed to decrypt the
    information. Who within the corporation should be responsible for maintaining the “keys” to private information collected about consumers? Is that the same person who should have the “keys” to employee data?
  2. Check out how Google has profiled you. Using your own computer, go to Ad Preferences: How accurate is the picture Google paints about you in your profile? Ethical Information Use Questions Help
  3. Consider arrest records, which are mostly computerized and stored locally by law enforcement agencies. They have an accuracy rate of about 50%—about half of them are inaccurate, incomplete, or ambiguous. These records often are used by others than just law enforcement. Approximately 90% of all criminal histories in the United States are available to public and private employers. Use the three normative theories of business ethics to analyze the ethical issues surrounding this situation. How might hiring decisions be influenced inappropriately by this information?
Ethical Information Use Questions Help
  1. The European Community’s Directive on Data Protection strictly limits how database
    information is used and who has access to it. Some of the restrictions include registering all databases containing personal information with the countries in which they are operating, collecting data only with the consent of the subjects, and telling subjects of the database the intended and actual use of the databases. What effect might these restrictions have on global companies? In your opinion, should these types of restrictions be made into law? Why or why not? Ethical Information Use Questions Help
    Should the United States bring its laws into agreement with the EU directive?
  2. Should there be a global Internet privacy policy?
  3. Is sending targeted advertising information to a computer using cookies objectionable? Why or why not?
  4. What is your opinion of the British Identity Card discussed in this chapter?

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