Computer Project Analysis Help

Computer Project Analysis

Task 1:

  1. Analyze case study, Agile at Lego at:
  2. Analyze case study, Agile Delivery at British Telecom at

To Do:

  • Write up your analysis of the two case studies in APA 7th  format.  Refer to specific issues in the case in your analysis. The papers should devote 2-3 pages per case study.

Task 2:

To Do: Based on the project idea submitted on Task 1

  1. Submit the following 3 documents
    1. scope statement,
    1. communications management plan,
    1. project report here


Scope Statement (Version xx) Computer Project Analysis Help

Project Title: Date:                           Prepared by:
Project Justification:       .
Product Characteristics and Requirements:       
Product User Acceptance Criteria:       Summary of Project Deliverables Project management-related deliverables: business case, charter, team contract, scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project presentation, final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other documents required to manage the project. Product-related deliverables: research reports, design documents, software code, hardware, etc.         Computer Project Analysis Help
Out of Scope Everything not specifically documented as in scope is explicitly out of scope.  In particular the following is out of scope for this project:        
Computer Project Analysis Help

Communication Management Plan Version 1.0


Project Name:

  1. Stakeholder communications requirements:
  • Communications summary:
StakeholdersCommunications NameDelivery Method/FormatProducerDue/Frequency
Project steering committeeWeekly status reportHard copy and short meetingKristin MaurWed. mornings at 9 AM
Sponsor and championMonthly status reportHard copy and short meetingKristin MaurFirst Thursday of month at 10 AM
Affected employeesProject announcementMemo, e-mail, intranet site, and announcement at department meetingsLucy Camerena and Mike SundbyJuly 1, 2007
Project teamWeekly status reportShort meetingAll team membersTues. afternoons at 2:00.
  1. Comments/Guidelines: Computer Project Analysis Help
  • Escalation procedures for resolving issues:
  • Revision procedures for this document:
  • Glossary of common terminology:

Project Report includes the following:

Student submits all of the required elements: (Project Report)

  • • the project selected,
  • • why you are doing this project,
  • • what your main deliverables will be,
  • • how you will measure success, Computer Project Analysis Help
  • • a summary of communication thus far with the client,
  • • scope statement (activity 1),
  • • team charter (see sample on p. 203 in Schwalbe)
  • • communication plan (activity 2),
  • • high level milestones, and
  • a brief summary of the type of project management you will use (agile, waterfall, Kanban).

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