PTSD Symptoms Assignment Help

Topic: PTSD Factors Associated with PTSD Symptoms Following Treatment for Adults

It’s 6 pages Paper. The paper is due in 2 weeks but before doing the paper i need the references list because i need to send it my professor. 

For this assignment, you will be reviewing and critiquing 5 recently published research articles found in scholarly psychological journals. The topic of this paper will be on a topic related to PTSD.  This assignment is intended to help you to: 

1) Familiarize yourself with psychology computer databases (e.g., PsychLit, Medline) and to survey the psychological research using the library system to obtain copies of research articles.  PTSD Symptoms Assignment Help

2) Utilize critical thinking skills to choose the most relevant and timely articles to address your specific topic.

 3) Strengthen your ability to review and critique research articles.

 4) Master the ability to integrate the research findings, analyze conclusions that can be drawn from them, and suggesting future directions for research

APA style

PTSD Symptoms Assignment Help

PTSD Symptoms Assignment Part 2 Physiology

Welcome to Module two which comprises of week 3 and 4. The focus is on Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disorders. In this module, you will examine fundamental concepts of cellular processes and the alterations that lead to various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders. You will evaluate the genetic environment and its impact on these diseases. You will also evaluate the impact of patient characteristics, including racial and ethnic variables, on physiological functioning. Please note that the knowledge check assessment is due by end of week three and the case study analysis assignment is due by end of week four. Here is the case study for this module:

45-year-old woman presents with chief complaint of 3-day duration of shortness of breath, cough with thick green sputum production, and fevers. Patient has history of COPD with chronic cough but states the cough has gotten much worse and is interfering with her sleep. Sputum is thicker and harder for her to expectorate. CXR reveals flattened diaphragm and increased AP diameter. Auscultation demonstrates hyper resonance and coarse rales and rhonchi throughout all lung fields. 

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