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Choose one of the following Grounded Theories to help you test your answer to the research question that you had in the first assignment. This theory should allow you to apply the framework that you intend to use to analyze your particular case study using variables that you have developed form the case study itself and which are applicable to the specific Grounded Theory you have selected. You may get approval from me for the specific Grounded Theory you have selected before you start on this assignmentbut you are not required to do so. If you are at all uncertain about your choice, I am happy to engage with you and provide you with my feedback that may be helpful/useful in confirming your choice and/or steering you to a more appropriate specific Grounded Theory for your particular research project. Some ideas include:   Grounded Theory Literature Review Help liberalism/Realism/Constructivism        Marxism/Critical Theory        Rational Actor Model/Game theory        Bureaucratic Politics Model/Organizational Politics Model        Balance of Power Theory/Offense and Defensive Realism        Clash of Civilizations/End of History        Deterrence Theory        Peacekeeping Models        Presidential Management Models        Radicalization theories        Narconomics/narcoterrorism        Organizational theories        Terrorism theories Most research projects include a literature review to determine what frameworks are used to organize the knowledge that exists on the subject under study. In grounded theory, the literature review tests the data-driven hypothesis by explaining what others have found in researching the same or similar specific research questions. Here is my guidance for this assignment. Your case study (which you wrote in the first assignment) summarized the current state of knowledge on the topic within a specific time frame. That was the data that you described and organized on a specific case/event/group. The idea for this assignment is for you to use this assignment to master the specific Grounded Theory you have selected and explain how and why it is appropriate for your purposes and for your particular case study. In this Literature Review on a Grounded Theory Literature Review HelpTheory, you will identify the specific Grounded Theory you intend to use to analyze your case study, explain it to the reader to demonstrate your understanding of it (since there are so many different Grounded Theories), and show how it is appropriate for your purposes (i.e., analyzing your particular case study) and for your particular case study itself.  The body of the literature review describes the theory that you will use to test the hypothesis.

Grounded Theory Literature Review Help

Use multiple peer-reviewed articles to explain your theory, demonstrate your understanding of it, and its applicability for your purposes and to your project.   Your literature review will be organized around variables from the case study that provide the main “causes” of the “effect” you are investigating and allow you to apply the specific Grounded Theory you have selected to your particular case study as the basis of your research, analysis, and findings in the final paperUse headings for each variable. Be very specific in how you identify your variables, and use ideas/concepts/categories that are measurable and which are part of the “answer” to your Research Question and/or components of your Hypothesis. Your conclusion needs to summarize theory itself, state definitively if this theory will support your purposes and is applicable to your particular project, and review how the variables you are using from your case study will allow you to apply this specific theory to your particular case study. This shows the reader that you have successfully paired an appropriate Grounded Theory with your particular case study, which should produce findings that are both legitimate and valid as a result of your research and analysis. Remember: This assignment serves as a building block for your final paper. Technical Requirements Your paper must be  about 6-8 pages (the Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum limit).Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.Students will follow the current Turabian Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework.Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.All submissions will be graded using the assignment rubric.

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