SWOT Analysis Project Help

SWOT Analysis Project

As many of you are learning in the ISYS-650 course, organizational viability and efficiency are related to the ability to acquire and maintain information about itself and competing organizations. Information treated as a resource for strategic planning and operational management is extremely valuable within the organization as companies move towards data driven decision making.

In the spirit of this move towards information technology strategic integration, you will complete a course project that incorporates the topics of this course into a final course deliverable. Project deliverables are divided over Weeks 3, 5, and 7 and are detailed below. SWOT Analysis Project Help

SWOT Analysis Project Help

You are to choose a business or social problem (either real or fiction) that your company (or a fictitious company) is currently having or anticipated to have in the near future. You are then required to formulate a technology related solution or proposal on this issue. Remember, the purpose of this project is to make this as “real world” as possible so the skills learned in this class can be immediately applied. SWOT Analysis Project Help

Week 3 (30 points)

As the class learned in the strategic planning reading, the goals based strategic planning process focuses first on analysis which is best conducted via a SWOT analysis. For the Week 3 project deliverable, use the provided template

Actions to discuss the business/social problem you have chosen to work on, suggest a technical solution, and conduct a SWOT analysis on the proposed solution to remedy this problem.

If you are having difficulty identifying a business problem, I am offering up some suggestions below for your review:

  • Patient tracking system for doctor’s office
  • Prospective student lead tracking system for a university
  • Mobile technology implementation within a company
  • Cyber-attacks against a charity
  • Meeting PCI compliance guidelines for a small business
  • Homelessness in a major city (see GlobalHack for background where I served as a judge) SWOT Analysis Project Help
  • Mitigating cyber bullying
  • Slowing deforestation
  • Provide more rapid disaster relief

View RubricCourse Project- Week 3Course Project- Week 3CriteriaRatingsPtsDescription of Business Problemview longer description5 ptsExcellent3 ptsGood0 ptsNeeds Improvement/ 5 ptsDescription of Technology Solutionview longer description10 ptsExcellent5 ptsGood0 ptsNeeds Improvement/ 10 ptsSWOT Analysisview longer description15 ptsExcellent8 ptsGood0 ptsNeeds Improvement/ 15 pts

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