Intersectionality Assignment Help

Intersectionality Assignment

Intersectionality makes me think of hiking with a backpack. Some people don’t have much to carry, so they hike pretty easily, but others may have more in their backpacks, which weighs them down and complicates hiking. This is how intersectionality works. Hiking, in this scenario, is like life in that it isn’t an equal playing field. You can’t really control how heavy your backpack is (the social groups you belong to), but we can realize that others have it harder than us and work to help them.

I wanted to discuss the quote from Kimberle Crenshaw’s video that begins at 3:12, “When we think about who is implicated by these problems, when we think about who’s victimized by these problems, the names of these black women never come to mind”. This quote struck me because it’s so true and I never realized it. In my news-watching and social media scrolling, I often see the stories of black males killed by police being shared, but I can only recall seeing one black female’s story. It makes me wonder if police brutality is more common among black males than black females. I’ve heard a song on social media that says something to the effect of “Its not all of you, but its some of you” to describe why women are (generally) fearful of men, and I’m wondering if this idea is at play. Where men are typically bigger than women, its harder to intercept them when they commit a crime, and I think this contributes to black male deaths being shared more than black female deaths, because they may be more common.

Intersectionality Assignment Help

I linked a video below about intersectionality, in which Blair Imani sums up Kimberle Crenshaw’s thoughts on the convergence of discrimination that a person of multiple social groups faces.

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