Internet of Things Assignment Help

Internet of Things Assignment

The Context of the Problem

Due to their relatively fast growth, emerging technologies create uncertainty and are expected to create significant social or economic effects such as unemployment for unskilled or uneducated workers, invasion of privacy, increased security and financial risks, and replacement of human decision makers in crucial systems like law, hiring, transportation, finance, and manufacturing. Most organizations will likely not have the option to “opt out” of emerging technology. Instead, organizations need employees who can wisely guide strategic integration of emerging technologies.

You and your team will select a specific problem area of an emerging technology; investigate it; identify the related social, economic, and ethical challenges; and make recommendations on how to prevent negative consequences across these dimensions by creating a Strategic Integration Plan. Internet of Things Assignment Help

In years to come, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) could significantly increase productivity and slash costs across manufacturing, transportation, logistics, energy, and other industries. Because of the multitude of connected devices and vast volume of data produced by the IIoT, as well as the possibility of combining IIoT with AI technologies (AI enables companies to analyze this volume of data) to enable “smart” machines that simulate intelligent behavior, organizations must address the future privacy concerns of their stakeholders, employees, and customers.

How can your organization, a major player in healthcare and fitness technology, implement a strategic plan to address privacy concerns?

Internet of Things Assignment Help

A Strategic Integration Plan

To present your solutions to the problem, your team will create a Strategic Integration Plan. First, come up with a strategy to address your problem in emerging technology, and then outline the steps to implement a solution. Your overall strategy should guide you as you document and assess risk for your solution. Here are some framing questions that may help you as you brainstorm your strategy and integration needs. Internet of Things Assignment Help

  • What are the possible disruptions your organization could face as a result of integrating emerging technology?
  • How will you advise management regarding which technology adoption procedures, employee training programs, and security methods to embrace?

How will you address the following issues in your plan: employment practices, human and environmental rights, corruption, privacy, and the moral obligations of corporations?

The plan must be a professional and practical document framed as a proposed solution to the problem. The requirements for the plan include a standard structure, but the content of the plan is determined by your PBL Team.

Course Resources

The faculty, administrators, and instructional designers in the Doctor of Business Administration program have provided several resources in this course and the residency experience as solutions to the problem of establishing PBL teams. In this course, you created a Team PBL Plan and have a PBL Team Contract that contains suggested content for solutions to working through the PBL steps as a team. Use this as a guide for the format of your Strategic Implementation Plan. You may reuse any of the solutions suggested in this course, but your plan must show evidence of your team’s exploration, research, and proposal of solutions based on the first two steps.

Your Strategic Integration Plan must follow this structure: Internet of Things Assignment Help

  1. Professional cover page
  2. List of contributors
  3. Table of contents
  4. Executive summary (one page that includes the background, current state, and summary of solution)
  5. Organized sections of proposed solutions (for example, stakeholders, goals, anticipated risks, objectives, action steps, protocols, resources, definition of terms, etc.)
  6. References in APA format (for scholarly or practitioner resources that are cited or used within the plan)

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