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Case Study Assignment What is required for the case study?   

As stated for the observation papers, this case study will require you to observe and write a detailed description of a child as viewed by you, with respect to each of the developmental domains.  Your three observation papers were stepping stones to the case study. 

For this paper, choose one of the three children you wrote about in your observation papers. For this assignment, you will observe and write about that child again. You will write about all three domains (physical, cognitive, social and emotional) in this paper.  The case study will provide a more complete picture of the child in one of the following age ranges:

  • Infant or Toddler (ages birth-2)
  • Preschool (ages 3-5)
  • Middle Childhood (ages 6-8)

***See the APA Guidelines posted at the bottom of this page as well as in the APA Module

Could the child selected be a relative? (Revised 1-21-22)

Yes, you may choose a sibling, or friend’s child, etc.  A Permission Form signed by the child’s parent or guardian must be submitted for the case study.  The case study will not be graded until the permission, if applicable, form is submitted. 

As an option this semester, you may choose a child from one of the movies in the approved list. For this option, the permission form is not required.   

Case Study Directions

Case Study Rubric

Permission Form (for parent/guardian consent)

Approved Movie List 

Case Study Assignment Help

Are opinions appropriate in case study writing? 

As with the observations, your case study writing also requires objective descriptions of the child you observe.  Report what you see and hear in your observations.  

Opinions are allowed only in the summary portion of the case study. Interpretations and conclusions may be included in the summary portion only. Case Study Assignment

As a reminder, please do not ask any questions related to income or finances.  Instead, use other means to determine the socioeconomic status (SES) of the family.   The following document is also posted in the Observations Module: SES Fact Sheet

Use APA Style

  • See the APA Guidelines for Observation Papers and Case Study, This document is also posted in the APA Module. 
  • See the Examples for Observations and Case Study table, posted in the APA Module.  
  • Include a Title page and Reference page in each paper.  
  • Double-space the entire paper, including the reference page. 
  • Use the rubrics in the assignment links to guide your work.  (The rubrics have also been added to this page.)
  • Remember, each paper will not be graded until the Permission Form is submitted, if applicable. 

Case Study Practice Draft

As indicated on your course calendar, you may submit a practice, or partial draft of the case study.     

The is an optional assignment.  It does not count for or against your course average; however, I encourage you to submit a draft for feedback purposes.  The draft does not need to be complete.  

At a minimum, however, include:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • At least part of one other required section
  • Physical Development, and/or
  • Cognitive Development, and/or
  • Social and Emotional Development, and/or 
  • Summary Part I or II  (I encourage you to write at least a few sentences or notes toward the summary, for feedback purposes.) 
  • Reference page   

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