Sale and Marketing Project Help

Sale and Marketing Project Overview

  • You are working at CampWithMe, a store that sells tools, clothing, and equipment for camping and traveling.
  • CampWithMe always struggled with having good visibility on how its different branches are performing, so you suggest creating a dashboard that monitors the performance of the store at all times, and gives better visibility to the decision makers.
  • Using the dashboard, let’s understand how the different product lines are performing and contribute to the revenue, and brainstorm ideas on how to improve it. Sale and Marketing Project Help

Data Information

  • Year: year of order
  • Product line: product line name
  • Product type: product type
  • Product brand: product brand
  • Product name: product name
  • Region: region of retailer
  • Retailer country
  • Retailer name
  • City (multiscript)
  • Campaign name
  • Promotion name
  • Order method type
  • Revenue
  • Planned revenue
  • Product cost
  • Quantity   
  • Unit cost   
  • Unit price  
  • Unit sale price   
  • Profit margin   
  • Gross profit   
  • Quantity   
  • Promotion plan revenue  

Sale and Marketing Project Help

The purpose of this short paper is to conduct a critical analysis of the similarities and differences between domestic and international terrorism ideology. To accomplish this, you will research two terrorism case studies, one domestic and one international. Choose one of the following pairs of terrorist attacks to focus on in your paper:  Sale and Marketing Project

 The 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing 

The 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

 Prompt: Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:  The similarities and differences between the attacks in the following contexts: o The tactics employed o The targets chosen o Ideology o U.S. government reaction (federal, state, and local) o Media coverage o General public impact and reaction 

Conclusion: Summarize the major differences between domestic and international terrorism. What makes one attack domestic and the other international? Who decides how we create these labels? 

 Support for your claims with relevant and reputable resources  

3 pages not including title and reference apa format

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