Problem Research Assignment Help

Problem Research Assignment

A problem of practice is any identified educational area that focuses on processes or practices that are observable and measurable and that may be solved or improved. Note that problems are solved, and practices are improved. As the researcher, you will eventually work closely with a site’s leadership to discuss problems that need a solution or practices that need to be improved. This may require several meetings before you can fully define the problem for your study. Though you are not required to meet with leadership at a site for this assignment, you need to consider doing so soon, as this coursework begins your actual Applied Research Report process. As you consider a problem to solve or a practice to improve, keep in mind that you cannot solve all the known problems through this research process. The scope of your research needs to be reasonable. The problem statement must include evidence that the problem exists.

Problem Research Assignment Instructions

The Introduction to the Problem should begin with a clear statement of the problem. For example, “The problem was that 58% of the students at Hampton High School failed to meet the state’s level of satisfactory performance on the OEA for Science” (ODOE, 2020a). Once you have the introductory problem statement written, you should support the statement by citing facts and statistics, unless you included them in the problem statement like the example above. Lay out a convincing case using solid evidence that the problem does, in fact, exist.

Problem Research Assignment Help

Problem Research Assignment For this assignment, you will use the information from the textbook reading this week to write a Problem Statement for your proposed research. This is a 2-page assignment.

  • The first page should be a correctly formatted (APA style) title page that includes the title of your proposed study.
  • The second page should include a well-developed and concisely written Problem Statement section for your study. Your topic may change at a later date, but for now, you need to choose a topic that you may potentially research. Problem Research Assignment

You must review the example provided and apply the information from the textbook reading this week to be successful on this assignment.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module 2: Week 2.

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