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Probing for Information Assignment

Essay Questions

Responses to each question should be fully answered, explored, and must be (400) words per question not including references and Essay Question title should not be included in word count.  Answers should be supported with scholarly research from internet sources, excluding wiki sources and avoid user sites that provide 100% user generated information. Remember that well-written responses do not need to be excessively wordy. In your analysis of the concepts, you may include applicable experience. Paraphrasing and direct quotes should be cited as to source. Refer to APA formatting.

  1. Discuss in scholarly detail how strategic analysis at the corporate level differs from strategic analysis at the business unit level.  How are they related?      
  2. Discuss in scholarly detail, “When would multi-business companies find the portfolio approach to strategic analysis and choice useful?”
  3. Discuss in scholarly detail what “patching” refer to? Describe and illustrate two rules that might guide managers to build value in their businesses
  4. What are key concerns functional tactics must address in marketing? Finance? POM? Personnel? Discuss in detail.
  5. How can policies control decisions while defining allowable discretion in which operating personnel can execute business strategies? Describe several ways in scholarly detail. Probing for Information Assignment

Probing for Information Assignment Help

Probing for Information Assignment : Critical Thinking Questions

Please complete the following questions. Use a word processor to complete your work. Remember to use complete sentences and include both the questions and answers when you submit your work.

Submit your work as a file attachment using the dropbox.

The answers to the Critical Thinking Questions are worth 10 points.

Critical Thinking Questions Probing for Information Assignment

  1. What factors contributed to survival in Auschwitz?
  2. What were conditions like for Mengele’s victims?
  3. How did women’s experiences vary in the camp, and what was the impact of pregnancy on prisoners in the camp?
  4. Why did Himmler opt to march prisoners out of the camps, rather than simply liquidating the camps as had occurred during Operation Reinhard?
  5. How did the Nazis dehumanize prisoners in the labor camps, including Auschwitz?

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